Monday, 2 November 2009


A short but illuminating article on the culmination of the Nazi's omnipotent presence throughout history.

"Hitler ‘ s Third Reich began with the Berlin Olympics, the first modern Olympic Games; the new Fourth Reich will begin with the London 2012 Olympics.

Nazis invented bio-fuels; when the oil runs out, the plan is to starve the population of the Earth in order to keep making fuel for the super-rich backers of the modern Nazi party."

Friday, 30 October 2009


Consider the last posts: We already know to treat the 1969 moon landings with suspicion, but dare we suggest that when America finally did get to the moon it was with the help of ex-Nazi's possessing superior knowledge gleaned from the bases in Antarctica and the secret Egyptian research? It's already common knowledge that ex-Nazi rocket scientist Werner Von Braun was integral in the NASA program to send the first man into space...but what about the ones we don't know about?

This excellent blog delves deeper into this conspiracy.


Evidence suggests that after 1945 the Nazi's not only fled to the wastelands of the north pole, but also into positions at the CIA. As this article by Andrew Damon states:

"On June 6, the US national archives released some 27,000 pages of secret records documenting the CIA’s Cold War relations with former German Nazi Party members and officials.

The files reveal numerous cases of German Nazis, some clearly guilty of war crimes, receiving funds, weapons and employment from the CIA. They also demonstrate that US intelligence agencies deliberately refrained from disclosing information about the whereabouts of Adolf Eichmann in order to protect Washington’s allies in the post-war West German government headed by Christian Democratic leader Konrad Adenauer.

Eichmann, who had sent millions to their deaths while coordinating the Nazis’ “final solution” campaign to exterminate European Jewry, went into hiding in Buenos Aires after the fall of the Third Reich.

Utilizing friendly contacts in the Catholic Church and the Peron government in Argentina, Eichmann was able to reside in the South American country for 10 years under the alias of Ricardo Klement."


Perhaps Mr. Heim was interested in researching Egyptian UFO technology for these purposes:
"With the current mysterious happenings in Antartica concerning Lake Vostok, an old theory is being resurrected -- that German Nazis as early as the 1930s may have built a secret base at the South Pole.

While this idea undoubtedly will strike most people as absurb, there is tantalizing evidence to suggest that something along this line might have some truth to it.

Long-standing banking and business connections allowed high-ranking German leaders in 1944 to forge a formidable Nazi-controlled organization for postwar activities. Author Jim Keith wrote, " researching the shape of totalitarian controlduring this century, I saw that the plans of the Nazis manifestly did not die with the German loss of World War II. The ideology and many of the principal players survived and flourished after the war, and have had a profound impact on postwar history, and on events taking place today."

Taken from Zamanda

Monday, 26 October 2009


Adolf Hitler's fascination with extraterrestrials and the occult is no secret. Now consider the last post; if it is true, then alien craft would have visited our planet millions of years ago, perhaps even maintaining an on/off presence at the pyramids throughout history.
Is it strange then, to learn that one of the most wanted Nazi war-criminals, the doctor and military scientist Aribert Heim, was found in Exile in Egypt in 1992?
Could it be that Aribert (who "always had a camera round his neck") was researching the mystical powers of the pyramids, even long after the war had ended, for the purposes of harnessing this mystical technology in order to fuel a 4th Reich?


"In Alan Alford's book, "Gods of the New Millennium", he sets out a scenario where by life on this planet has been genetically altered by a visiting race which explains the fact that mans evolution has a very sudden development curve about 2 million years ago. In his theory he explains the pyramids to be triangulation points for navigation of non-terrestrial vehicles, that is space ships. He links in other well know anomalies, The Easter Island statues, the Nasca Lines, Baalbek, Jericho and more besides."

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